As time moves forward, Danny continues to create more solutions to help businesses grow and achieve the success they deserve, while unlocking their potential for greatness.


Danny Calafell is an International Business and Sales Expert. Through Seminars, Workshops and Bootcamps Worldwide, No Other programs in the marketplace today offer results as high with straight-shooting viewpoints on leadership, the economy, small business, retail sales and employment.

Triworld is a Global business consulting firm that provides a range of solutions, resulting in the growth and achievements of customer goals. Triworld works Globally across all types of industries, consisting of all kinds of clients, with a specialty for small to mid-sized.

Triworld Business & Sales Training Academy includes The top sales and business training programs globally.

With over 3500+ combined courses on sales and business. These programs help excel sales professionals, teams and entrepreneurs, of any industry and size, to achieve success and grow.

Training is delivered both Live and Online.

CalMor Ventures is an Acquisition company that provides businesses with unique exit options through consulting and resources for businesses to Grow to their full potential. Additional resources, through partnerships, enable opportunities for finance and investments.