“Repetition breeds habit. Habit breeds instincts.The right instincts breed greatness.”

An Entrepreneur, Visionary, Author, International Sales and Business Expert and Speaker.
He is CEO of Triworld, A Business Consulting firm scaling companies, Involved in Acquisitions and Partnered with Fortune 500 Companies.


Within over a decade, Danny has studied and been mentored by some of the most successful individuals.

Danny has modified his reps and transformed habits into greatness. Born in Miami, his ascension and departure from the streets led him to applying his hands in a more productive way: Boxing.


At age 17, his career took off. He gained quick notoriety, and eventually the respect of 3X Lightweight World Champion Nate “The Galaxxy Warrior” Campbell who would eventually manage his career.

His talents and presence would go on to be showcased on ESPN, HBO, Telemundo and Telefutura. Along the way, he would build an innumerous amount of entertainment and business contacts, especially in the music industry. He formed friendships with Grammy winners, celebrities and influencers.


Having already established himself as an innovative mind in the industry he formed a record label, in 2011.

While enhancing his knowledge in business, he decided to further expand into a more diversified company in 2012, and founded Triworld.


“I’ve always had an obsessive mindset.”

Danny first got into business during the early stages of his boxing career. Being a part of a major promotional company catering to the Miami party scene in the early 2000’s, created opportunities to be amongst A-List Celebrities and helped establish relationships. These relationships became resourceful, when in 2010′ Danny started in the music business. Submersing himself into understanding business while continuously surrounding himself with successful entrepreneurs, opened more opportunities to where he eventually exited from the entertainment industry and entered the corporate side.


“I work with small companies and Fortune 500 companies to grow sales and business by finding overlooked opportunities and customizing the sales process to be more effective. I have worked with companies like CAT, Local and Global Construction Companies, Toyota, GM, Ford, and thousands more. I own and operate three companies and my partners’ have exceeded hundreds of millions in annual sales. I’m an international speaker, & considered a top sales training and business expert around the world.”

Danny mirrors, his now Mentor, Grant Cardone in urging his followers and clients to make success their duty and responsibility, obligation, and to rise above outdated, unworkable middle-class myths and limitations in order to achieve true freedom for themselves and their families.

Danny’s straight-shooting viewpoints on leadership, the economy, small business, retail sales, employment, have made him a valuable resource.

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Specializing in Business, Sales, Strategy and Motivation.

Getting entrepreneurs, teams, companies and individuals fired up to dominate and reach their potential